JR Propo S89HR

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Brushless heli rudder servo fra JR Propo. 0.03 (8.4V) Sec / 60 °, 6.1 (8.4V) kgcm

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Brushless helicopter rudder servo

XBus Programmable Full Metal Servo Series introduces brushless servos exclusively for heli rudder. Quickly responds to gyro control by optimizing control parameters. Dramatically improved holding power and followability to stick operation. The highly rigid metal case and metal gears eliminate distortion due to repeated movements, thereby reducing motor power loss and contributing to longer life.

This product adjusts the control parameters assuming use at 7.4V or higher. Therefore, if you feel that the control is weak or the stoppage is poor when using at a low voltage, adjust the parameter value in the XBUS setting.


Stall torque: 4.8 (6.6V) / 5.4 (7.4V) / 6.1 (8.4V) kgcm
Speed: 0.04 (6.6V) /0.03 (7.4V) /0.03 (8.4V) Sec / 60 °
Weight: 79 g / 2.79 in
Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 40.5 mm / 1.38 x 0.79 x 1.59 in
Lead length: 300mm
Operating voltage: 4.5V-8.5V
Neutral frequency: 1500μSec.
Control frequency: XBUS: 1KHz / PWM: 333Hz

■ Equipped with high output brushless motor

■ Programmable (slow start: OFF)

■ Full metal gear

■ Full metal case

■ Wide voltage

■ Double ball bearing

■ Operating angle: 120 ° / 180 °

* Servo horn is sold separately.

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