JR Propo S8912 SHV with 2K firmware (12V servo)

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JR Propo S8912 SHV with 2K firmware (12V servo)

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This servo should only be operated at 12V (e.g. 3S lipo).

S8912 SHV with 2K firmware gives you more locked in feeling. Enjoy! 12V servo benefits using lower amperage and less stress:

1) Extends servo life

2) Extends battery usage time

3) Ability to keep steady torque while flying

4) Industrial friendly


Stall Torque: 70.0 (12.6V) kg cm

Speed: 0.11 (12.6V) Sec/60°

Weight: 79 g

Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 40.5 mm

Lead Length: 300mm

Operating Voltage: UP TO 12.6V

- Equipped with high-power brushless motor
- Programmable
- Full metal gear
- Full metal case
- Wide voltage
- Double ball bearing
- Operating angle: 120°/180° (can be set to 150° with Xbus Servo Programmer)

*Servo horn is sold separately.


The firmware in a 2k servo verifies the position of the servo arm two thousand times each second, while the firmware found in previous servos verify the arm´s position one thousand times per second.
This greater number of verifications makes for a very precise servo, and gives it a more "solid" feel.

It is recommended to use a booster cable with 2k servos to ensure steady voltage at all times.

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